Only the best for your horse

We take this literally, because everything grows from the inside. Therefore, a successful and healthy horse is always also the result of the best possible feeding approach - this is where it all starts. Ruhland Horsefeed is partner to famous studs, trainers in the horse-racing world, successful showjumpers and dressage riders as well as to numerous leisure riders. To this end, Ruhland Horsefeeds supplies a comprehensive muesli and add-on products range.
Exclusively, we use high-quality raw materials for our feed products. Constant quality controls guarantee consistently high quality. For instance, all trace elements are processed at the biologically best availability. All other ingredients for our products, too, are subject to stringent quality demands. Close contact with our customers, trainers, instructors and breeders gives rise to a continuous optimization of the individual feeding concepts.

Feeding your horse should be as individual as its aptitude. External conditions,for example how a horse is being kept and used, are additional aspects that must compellingly be considered for feeding. Horses are sensitive and react fast to changes. This is why feeding a horse correctly is a challenging task, in addition to its training and to general handling of the horse. How lucky one is if one has an experienced and competent expert on one‘s side for this task since, for many reactions and feed-related phenomena in horses, there is a corresponding feed or individual feeding program.
Ruhland feeding programs are extensive and offer many different components for a wide range of use. Get in touch with us and profit from excellent feeding products, coupled with specialized, competent consultation. If you have any questions concerning the products, feed changes or feeding amounts, we would be glad to assist you and to inform you about the nearest sales outlet to where you are located.

Andreas Ruhland