Plospan® Bedding
Our Advantages in Summary
  • Plospan® Bedding is extremly absorbent und odor-binding.
  • Plospan® Bedding is cost-effective, because the minimum of bedding to use is notably reduced by it's high yield.
  • Plospan® Bedding greatly reduces ammoniac-odor and makes for a better and more sterile stable environment.
  • Plospan® provides a sound bedding layer and is therefor protective to your horses joints.

Plospan® Wood Fibre

Plospan® Wood Fibre comes in bags of various sizes. The large-size bag is the ideal bedding for horse stables.
Wood fibre is a dust-free product and recommended by veterinarians as the ideal bedding in horse stables. The lack of dust means protection of the animals’ respiratory tracts.

Plospan® Sawdust

Sawdust varies in size from wood fibres. This material is especially functional because of it's high absorptive capacity.
Sawdust is available in large-size bags only, the standard bag containing 140 litres spreading volume. The product is sieved twice and packaged dust-free in 100% recyclable foil.

Plospan® Flax

Flax is an agricultural product which grows exceptionally well on the clay soil in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. The residual marrow from the flax stems is used by Plomp en zn. bv as a starting material for stable absorbent.
The sieving process makes it a dust-free product which renders it highly suitable for use in horse stables. The product can be fully composted, which makes it very eco-friendly.